Listen Up!

copyright Jeanne E. Webster


Two thousand ten, the news was devastating.  A catastrophic earthquake had occurred in Haiti, severely affecting several million of its people–thousands of them children. They were suddenly homeless, parentless, friendless, hungry, naked, and poor. News reports soon surfaced that many of them had been kidnapped for use in the sex slave trade–an easy commodity for entrepreneurs. These fiends committed these atrocities under the guise of Christian humanitarian assistance.  Those events bring to mind an insidious disorder infecting the security of our children right here in the good ole U.S.A.  Listen up, folks.

Vicious animals are prowling our neighborhoods in each state, county, city and town; they are ever increasing in numbers and baseness.  Labeled as pedophilic sex offenders, these revolting, cold-hearted, sex-fevered beings roam our streets seeking kids to devour and suck the life from them.  They snatch kids at play in their backyards or playgrounds or walking home from school bus drops. They seize little ones while their parents momentarily focus on shopping or rip them out of their beds at night while the parents sleep. Days or weeks later, if ever, the sullied bodies are found cruelly butchered, stuffed into trash bags and tossed into garbage cans or city dumps.
The predatory population has become so abundant, we’ve run out of areas to segregate them from the overall population once they’re released from prison! This has all happened on our watch, folks.
We turn a blind eye to the growing number of sexually explicit television shows and the vicious, blood curdling movies noisily banging the airwaves. Have they anything to do with the rapid increase of violence against children? Do they invite mad and demented thoughts and actions on the part of the weak minded or cruel?
Does raising our little girls from a young age to wear sexy clothes, compete in beauty contests, use makeup, walk and talk provocatively have anything to do with this sick, giddy pedophilic culture?
When will we realize that we are part of the problem? We have sacrificed our children to the gods of perverseness and licentiousness. When will we wake up and seek out this rottenness and tolerate it no more?
Where have all the children gone?
They’re hiding in their homes, behind locked school house doors, under constant surveillance by cameras in gated playgrounds, or wherever we can provide secure areas for them. But some of them continue to come up missing, plucked from among us and forever lost. My heart is broken, my spirit weeps.  Will you do all you can to protect our little ones? We owe them that, don’t you think?
Folks, the sex trade is rampant in our country and is growing in leaps and bounds.  These are not sickies stealing and molesting and killing our children; these are professional business people scarfing them up as a commodity and selling them for sex objects, sex slaves.
They haunt the hotel areas of big events and proffer their wares—our children!  The political conventions we have just hosted in big cities…on their itinerary.  Big-time ball games…on their itinerary.  Any highly visible congregating of the masses…on their agenda.  You see, there are ever present people wanting what they sell, the young, innocent bodies of our children!
Our kids continue to be kidnapped, stolen, grabbed, snatched, or ripped from their homes and surroundings.   They are targets for the disgusting, degraded people out there who seek to defile and destroy these precious lives for their lowlife ugly habits.
Some children make it back home, alive but broken in spirit and with a life of heartache ahead.  Many are not so blessed.  Many never return, anywhere.  Many are transferred overseas to the sex trade markets existing in foreign countries, never to be seen again.
May we be ever vigilant over the lives of our young children.  Watch over them with steadfast love and care, because the vultures are circling overhead, seeking to steal and destroy.
Listen up!

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