Pure as New-fallen Snow?



New-fallen snow reminds me

Of when I was a lad,

And when the well was getting low

It used to worry Dad.

But Grandma said, “Now don’t you fret,

We’ll melt and strain the snow—

It’s good enough for washing clothes

And taking baths, you know.”

I thought that Gram was silly

‘Cause the way it looked to me,

That fluffy, white new-fallen snow

Was clean as it could be.

So Grandma had me fill a pail

And set it on the stove;

As we watched it heat she said,

“You’ll see, the dirt will show.”

I watched it melt and shook my head.

It sure did puzzle me—

How there could be one speck of dirt

Was more than I could see

And then she slowly poured it

Through a cloth so clean and white,

And when I saw the dirt it left,

I knew that she was right.

And Grandma said, “It’s like that

As you go through life, my son;

You’ll maybe think you’ve covered up

The little wrongs you’ve done.

But don’t forget, though you have fooled

The folks next door to you,

That God looks right into your heart

And sees the bad you do.”

How I recall Grandmother’s words

Each time I watch it snow;

No matter how we hide the truth,

There’s always One who’ll know…


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  1. So very awesome Jeanne ! Thank you – Wynema

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