Annie, Quit Digging!



©2016 Jeanne E Webster – All Rights Reserved

Welcome home, Annie. 

Annie came to live with us three years ago, adopted from the local Humane Society as Sweet Pea.  She is a Jack Russell/Rat terrier mix, resulting in an incessant digging dog.  Thankfully she has not picked up the trait too strongly.  Supervising play time in the yard helps curb the habit. Her cell mate, Josey, “barked” her way to our house a few months later, after we decided Annie needed company.  (Josey’s story is in the previous post)

House rules for our girls are: no getting on the furniture whether we are home or not, no potty inside the house, no sniffing out the kitchen garbage can, no fighting over treats or toys, no begging from company, no re-con efforts while we are at the dining table, no digging for moles, mice, snakes, or any other living creatures in…

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