Thirty Acres Out in the Boonies

© Jeanne E Webster – All rights reserved

I always wanted to own about 30 acres of land, way out in the boonies, fenced all around…with lots of animals…chickens, cattle, horses, donkeys, every lost and abandoned dog and cat in the county. I’d give them all good homes and take care of their needs.

I’d have a big garden, plant lots of tomatoes, corn, beans, squash, cukes, spinach, potatoes, peanuts, and all kinds of berries.

Once a week I’d open the gates and let all the hungry townspeople inside so they could take home fresh food. I’d fix a banquet and fill the tables with hearty cooked meals, with enough good conversation to go around for all.

But I’m older now and won’t quite make it to the 30 acres and all the animals. The neighbors will have to care for others the Lord provides.

On the other hand…I’m not too old for the parcel that Jesus has prepared for me. I’m almost old enough! I’m looking forward to it. Maybe heaven has a garden…lots of animals around. I sure won’t need the fencing! Everybody is welcome that knows the Savior, our Redeemer. What a table of splendor will be set out for us weary travelers! “Welcome home, you good and faithful servants.”

Ah…just a touch of heaven…
I can almost see it now…
I hear the rush of angel’s wings …
I sense an old familiar touch on my shoulder…

My touch of heaven awaits me.


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