The Lost Easter Egg


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Once there was an Easter egg, the prettiest one you ever did see. It was many different colors: blue, red, yellow, and green.  It sat in the Easter basket with all the other Easter eggs. They were waiting for the mayor to take them to the city park for the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter was only one day away, and all the children would come to look for them. The boy or girl who found the most eggs would get a prize: a big chocolate Easter bunny.

It was an exciting day for the Easter eggs too, for the first one to be found would ride in the Easter parade that afternoon. It was a big honor, and all the Easter eggs were so excited they had to be careful not to crack their shells.

One big, pink Easter egg said to the other Easter eggs, “I will be the first egg to be found because I’m the biggest egg!”

“No! I will be found first!” said the purple Easter egg. “My shell is shiny and bright, and the children will see me first!”

“I will be found first,” said the orange and red Easter egg. “The children will see my orange and red stripes and find me first!”

So, one by one, each of the Easter eggs boasted why it would be found first, all except for one little Easter egg. It was the blue, red, yellow, and green Easter egg.

“I will be happy even if I am not found first, as long as a nice boy or girl finds me,” said the little Easter egg.

Easter morning finally arrived, and the mayor took the basket of Easter eggs to the city park. The mayor had to get there early so he could hide the eggs before the children came.

He hid one Easter egg under a clump of grass, another egg behind a rock, another one under a piece of paper, and after a short time, he had finally placed all the Easter eggs. Sitting down on a park bench to rest, he waited for the children to arrive.

It wasn’t long before the girls and boys came. Before you could yell “Peter Cottontail,” the street was full of children, all eager to find the Easter eggs. Some of them came in cars with their mothers and fathers, some rode their bicycles, and some of them walked to the city park.

The mayor took a whistle out of his pocket and told the children to stand on the starting line and get ready to find the Easter eggs. The boys and girls all lined up and were excited to begin the Easter egg hunt.
The mayor began to count, “One! Two! Three!” Then he blew his whistle, “Tweet!”
With an exuberant rush, all the boys and girls ran to find the Easter eggs. One little boy peeked under the clump of grass, and there sat the big pink Easter egg. The boy was so happy he had found the first Easter egg and jumped for joy.

“Oh, boy!” shouted the pink Easter egg. “I am the first one found!” My, how proud he was! Now he would get to ride in the Easter parade, and everyone would say he was the prettiest Easter egg. Puffing up with pride, he heard a soft, cracking noise. Looking down he saw it was only a small crack, so it didn’t matter. He would still get to ride in the parade.

A girl hurried over to a piece of paper and picked up the purple egg hiding beneath. Another girl found the orange and red egg hidden behind some rocks.  Boys and girls everywhere were finding Easter eggs, yelling and jumping up and down after each egg was found. It wasn’t long before the hunt was over and all the Easter eggs had been found.  Or had they?

The mayor and his helpers counted all the Easter eggs to check which boy or girl had found the most eggs.  Suddenly the mayor realized that one egg had not been found. Everyone scurried back to hunt for the last Easter egg. The children hunted everywhere, behind rocks, under papers, in clumps of grass. They even peeked into small holes in the ground. But no one could find the blue, red, yellow, and green Easter egg.

Finally they gave up trying to find the last Easter egg, and they all went home to get ready for the Easter parade.  The parade was over and all the people had gone home, the day went by quickly and soon it began to get dark.

The blue, red, yellow, and green Easter egg was afraid as he felt himself getting cold. He began to shiver so hard he was afraid he would crack his shell.
“I wonder why no little boy or girl found me,” he asked himself. “I am right here under this big tree.” He wanted to cry but was afraid he would crack his shell, and if he cracked his shell, he would get colder.
“Surely someone will come to play here in the park tomorrow, and then they will find me.” And with these good thoughts, the little egg nestled up to the tree trunk and fell asleep.

The sun was shining when he woke up. He was warm now and feeling much better. He heard a noise behind him, and looking up, he saw a big, brown dog standing over him.

“You are a pretty Easter egg. What are you doing here all alone?” asked the big, brown dog.

“I am lost!” answered the Easter egg. “No one found me yesterday at the Easter egg hunt, and now I am all alone. Can you help me?”

“No,” said the big, brown dog. “I wish I could help you, but I am looking for someone to play ball with me. I hope someone will find you soon. Bye now.”  And the big, brown dog hurried off to find someone to play ball with him.

Once again the blue, red, yellow, and green Easter egg was all alone. The sun was making him very warm, maybe too warm.  “I hope someone finds me soon. My shell will crack if I get too warm,” said the Easter egg to himself.
Pretty soon he felt something tickling him. Looking up he saw a little orange kitten sniffing him with her whiskers.  “Hello, orange kitten!” said the Easter egg. “Can you help me? No one found me at the Easter egg hunt yesterday, and now I am lost!”

“I wish I could help you, little Easter egg, but I am lost too,” said the little orange kitten. “I am looking for my mother, so I cannot help you. Surely someone will find you soon. Bye now.”  And the little orange kitten ran off to find her mother.

“I guess no one will find me,” cried the little Easter egg. “Oh, what will I do?”  Just then he felt someone picking him up. It was a little girl, and she had tears running down her cheeks.

“Hello, little girl,” said the Easter egg. “Can you help me? I am lost and all alone.”
“Oh, I am so glad I found you!” said the little girl. “I was sick yesterday and could not go to the Easter egg hunt and was afraid I would not have any Easter eggs. I am so happy now, for you are the prettiest Easter egg I have ever seen!”  Holding the Easter egg gently in her hand, the little girl ran home, so happy to have her very own Easter egg.
And the little Easter egg was happy too. He was not lost anymore, and the little girl had said he was the prettiest Easter egg there ever was. It made him so proud that his shell cracked a little, tiny crack. But he did not mind that, for he was still the happiest and prettiest Easter egg in the whole world.


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