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Psalm 107:21–“Oh, that mankind would praise the Lord for His goodness and for His wonderful works to the children of men!”

Even though. . .
We rebelled against the words of God… We were bound in affliction and sins… We despised the counsel of the Most High… We hated all manner of His sustenance… We drew near to the gates of death… We were at our wits end… We were brought low through affliction, oppression and sorrow…

Despite all this. . .
His mercy endures forever.
He redeemed us from the enemy.
He delivered us from hunger, thirst, and despair.
He leads us in the right path.
He satisfies the longing soul.
He fills the hungry soul with goodness.
He brings us out of darkness.
He brought us from the shadow of death.
He broke our chains asunder.
He sent his word and healed us.
He calms the angry seas and storms.
He keeps affliction away.
He watches over us like a shepherd.

“Whoever is wise and will see these things, they shall understand the loving kindness of the Lord!”


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    Happy Resurrection Day Jeanne!

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