© Jeanne E. Webster–All Rights Reserved


“Write sum’fing purty,” the good Lawd said,

“’nuff glum and gloom out dere a’ready.”

So I plopped on my tinkin’ hat…reflectin’

So hard I got tired and went to beddy.


Let’s see now, Springtime is here,

Dere’s lots a’ purty colorful shrubs

Forsythia, lilacs ‘n redbuds so pink

Colorin’ the yards like pinwheel hubs.


Yards are full of purty dashing birds

All decked out in nature’s bright hues.

Courtin’ one another, startin’ families

Dey got no time fer chasin’ da blues.


Red-breasted robins, how stout they be

A’building nests and gobblin’ up worms;

Thru weather so cold or floodin’ as seas

Dey fights back like fightin’ some germs.


Look ‘it da lil’ squirrels a’flippin’ der tails

Hurryin’ here an’ dere like hopscotchin’ toys

Dey start–dey stop–den skitter up a tree

Wid a sassy attitude sorta like lil’ boys.


Bluejays do lots of screechin’ ‘n hollerin’

I tink dey jes’ like to boss everything aroun’

Maybe dey’s the neighbo’hood policin’ men

Flittin’ here and dere from trees to da groun’.


I can’t fergit dem purply house finches

Wearin’ dere finest feathers of rosy red

Dey brighten up the feeders so colorfully

As dey peck at the seeds til dey’s well-fed.


Well, Lawd, I did my best to write purty

No dismal tings, no gloom or grumpy glums;

The trees and shrubs declare Your glory

From da sassafras leaves to da purply plums.