Why All the Hurtin’?

© Jeanne E Webster. All rights reserved

A friend of mine just called to say
That her dear mama died.
I heard her words of sorrow, Lord,
And hung my head and cried:

Lord, why all the hurtin’?
Lord, why all the hurtin’?
So much in life is painful, Lord,
so hear my prayer tonight.
I know your angels took her mom
Home to be with you;
My friend is lost and weary, Lord,
She needs to know this too.
This friend of mine, so full of love,
She just shines, she just shines…
So help her through this bad time, Lord,
For she’s a friend of mine.
I love this friend so very much,
It hurts me so I cry.
I lie awake alone at night,
Just wond’ring, wond’ring why:

Lord, why all the hurtin’?
Lord, please stop the hurtin’?
So much in life is painful, Lord,
Please hear my prayer tonight.


(A song I wrote shortly after a friend called to say her mother had died. I have written the score for it also.)

8 comments on “Why All the Hurtin’?

  1. patgarcia says:

    Congratulations! I didn’t know you were a songwriter. So happy to see you branching out like that.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G

    • Hi Pat! I have missed you! I hope all is well and that God will give us strength to endure the changing world around us. Take care and be safe, dear friend. PLEASE keep in touch.


  2. camary1996 says:

    So heartfelt. Prayers for your friend.

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