A Frosty Cheerio


© Jeanne E Webster– All Rights Reserved

A bitterly cold January morning brought the neighborhood birds to my freshly filled bird feeder. As they hungrily gobbled down the tasty seeds, a petite chickadee perched on a tree sprig close to my kitchen window. It quickly caught my attention as it patiently waited  for the traffic to clear at the feeder. Its perky acrobatic maneuvers exuded a cocky, high-spirited cheerfulness. Enthralled, I inched closer to the window as my spirit was transformed from the winter blues of a dark frigid morning to a light-heartedness I sorely needed.

Suddenly this cheery, comedic creature thrust its breast forward, threw its head upwards to the sky and babbled out a crisp “chick-a-dee-dee-dee!” It was at that moment I spotted a teeny wisp of its breath hanging in the cold, frosty air, like a tiny white cottony shroud.  What a vibrant and vital breath that was! What an awesome sight to behold!   I’d like to believe it was praising God for “life and limb” on that frosty, wintry morning.

How many mornings do you awake to a new day and are suddenly aware that you feel like praising God? Take a lesson from the lively chickadee. You still have breath, so “praise ye the Lord!”

Lord, I need to praise You each day
To keep Satan’s fiery darts away;
Help me to be of good cheer,
To trust in You and have no fear.

Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord.— Psalm 150:6

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  1. Bernice says:

    Beautiful moment in time!

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