Inside the Cover




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Can you tell a book by its cover?


 This particular book is the greatest tome ever penned.

It is the link between God and man.

Divine instructions it is certain to send;

Love, comfort, and advice are its plan.


It is a source for daily meditation.

It holds the truth about creation.


It contains:





and Salvation.


What is this book?


Clue:  it’s “covered” with His Blood.


Its great theme is the Lord Jesus Christ and His redemption for mankind.


Answer:  The Bible



 Taste and see how sweet it is!



“Read With Dad”


I’ve been a note-er forever, and one of my favorite places to take and make notes is my Bible.  When I come across sacred tidbits, I leave behind notes on the side margins of the pages.  I underline also!  And highlight! And use sticky notes too.  These notes are little oasis that succor me with special nourishment when God and I are one.

My dad and I shared our Bible reading over the phone for years when he lived in Ohio and I in Michigan.  Our favorite devotional, Our Daily Bread, was read, the topic discussed, then we closed in prayer to end the day.  After saying “Good Night, Dad” I would hang up the phone and mark the scripture we shared with a little note, “_/_/_, read with Dad.” 

Dad passed on three years ago and sadly we weren’t able to share deeply for many years before that, as Alzheimer’s disease slowly robbed him of his ability to converse.


 As I continue to read and study my Bible today,  what joy and warmth flood my heart whenever I come across a verse with the old familiar marking,  “…read with Dad.”

I wonder if somewhere in that holy realm above is….  




I think I hear him …


“Good night, Dad!”