Trouble in River City?

Trouble in River City?

©Jeanne E Webster – All Rights Reserved


What a beautiful day today! The sky is blue, the breeze is cooling, the birds are singing and all is well…

No–not really. Just look around you; read the newspaper; watch the television news. There’s trouble in “River City” and it starts with “T:” “T” for trials, tribulation, turmoil, tension, and trepidation. Somedays we are so overwhelmed with the struggles of living, we darn near give up. Well, DON’T!

Have you a heart that’s weary
Tending a load of care
Are you a soul that’s seeking rest
From the burden you bear?

Do you know my Jesus
Do you know my friend
Have you heard he loves you
And that he will abide till the end?

— Instrumental —

Who knows your disappointments
Who hears each time you cry
Who understands your heartaches
Who drys the tears from your eyes.

Do you know my Jesus
Do you know my friend
Have you heard he loves you
And that he will abide till the end?

Have you heard he loves you
And that he will abide till the end?…
~Skeeter Davis

Did you know that Jesus sees your every teardrop? Did you know that Jesus knows your pain? Did you know that Jesus is the best friend you’ll ever have?

“Why?” you say.

Because he loves you with a love you’ve never known. It’s a heavenly love. It came down from heaven, and, for over 2,000 years, has spread all over this earth. It comes free of charge, is non-judgmental, is yours for the asking, and you can’t out give it ever. It lasts forever too, just like you.

Jesus loves you so much he wanted you to be loved like God created you to be loved. Once you tell him you want his love, he will come into your heart and stay there forever. Each day of your life will be wrapped in his love, protection, joy, and comfort. The world may deal you hardship, but within your spirit is One who can buffer that with such sweet relief. He’ll go with you through the valleys and up those mountaintops. He is truly the best friend you’ll ever know.

Begin today to know this special person, this superhuman Savior, this wonderful Comforter. Get out your Bible and read about him. Did you know that as you read the Bible, you are being taught by the Holy Spirit? Yes, you are guided and led by the Holy Spirit to the truths that God’s Word reveals to anyone that is thirsty and hungry for true love and eternal security.

Ask Jesus to come into your heart.
Seek to know him.
Knock on the door of his heart and he will let you in.

He’s really there, waiting for you, ready to love and comfort you. As a little child, open your heart and let him in. Make this the best day of your life.

“Have you heard he loves you…?” Yes, you have.

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

Awesome Blessings

© Jeanne E Webster. All rights observed and reserved.

Deut. 10:21 “You are my praise, and You are my God, who have done for me these great and awesome things which my eyes have seen.”

Thank you, Lord, for these blessings:

Seeing love through unloving circumstances

Growing up sheltered within an unsafe environment

Appreciating not always having enough to eat or nice clothes to wear

An angelic grandmother’s protection in my early years

A good mind and healthy body so I could attend school and learn

Four children to birth and love

Children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren

Brothers and sisters and half-brothers and half-sisters

Learning about Jesus and loving Him as a very young child

The vast amount of wisdom in the Bible

A loving heart for all God’s creation

A forgiving spirit to be used for all wrongs done against me

A contrite spirit after acknowledging my sins

A rejoicing heart and spirit to lift my praises and thanks to You

A thankful heart and spirit to appreciate each and every blessing

The many hearts that have encouraged and prayed for me. . .

Today, for the tools You have given me to use in Your name;

Tomorrow, though it is not here yet, I know it awaits me.

Amen and amen!

The Stuffed Book


© Jeanne E Webster.  All rights reserved and observed. `

I panicked!   My Bible!  Where was it? I had to find it!   It is my most precious possession!

My Bible contains a journal of my adult life as I have walked with God. The front pages reveal names, dates and places where family was born, wedded, baptized, bore children and died. Next are various notes and newsworthy paper scraps. I’ve written special prayers on some of these scraps and inspiring tidbits from Spirit-filled preachers. The body of my Bible, its sacred pages tattered and stained, is marked with short notes interspersed throughout. These reminders denote special insights and glorious moments when I communed with God.

The Psalms especially are heavily marked. Prayers, praises, pleas, thanksgiving and doubts are all there in small print by my hand, bits of evidence that God IS: the night my mother lay dying, my son’s deployment to the Persian Gulf War and his safe return, the sudden death of my husband, times of uncertainty and fears, dried tears of joy and grief, all lie silently there–the valleys and mountaintops of my life.

My Bible is stuffed with sticky notes, like the prayer wall in Jerusalem. Notes while studying, praying, thinking, hoping, weeping, loving, and smiling—they are there to point the way Home. Distinctive, cherished stains dot many parchment pages with small dark-red dots, reminders that my Lord and I communed—the Body and the Blood, a fallen drop.

Where would I be without this cherished tool? Totally lost, my friends. Whether I’m up or down, lost or found, confused or lucid, the Bible is my only surety in life. It connects me to the greatest power in the world, Almighty God. It truly is the Word of God, the Truth and the Life.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, it “leads me to still waters and through the valley of the shadow of death. I will fear no evil, for He is with me; His rod and staff comfort me. He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies; He anoints my head with oil; my cup runs over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life… and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

Ah, there you are!  Amen!



A Mystery


…and then there was LIGHT
© Jeanne E Webster. All Rights Reserved.

Repeatedly it’s been said, “It was the best and worst of times,”
Discordantly, wisdom and absurdity sang redundant rhymes.

A tale of two cities, a contrast stark, between heaven and earth,
Perhaps one day may give way to a cataclysmic rebirth.

It’s true today as it was back in the eighteen hundred years,
Light and Darkness administrate, while Hope balances Fears.

Technological sprawl litters homes and clutters one’s workplace,
As ghastly suicides and boredom slither at a haunting pace.

Paradoxically, religious avow their creeds, yet God teeters on His throne.
Deviant sexuality lusts ecstatically, while AIDS and STDs gnaw bones.

Is human dignity recoverable, and standards of right and wrong?
Have we forgotten who we are…and to Whom we truly belong?

Dogmatic agnosticism imprisons, and spirit and mind decay;
Wandering tediously, life’s passage echoes, “We’ve forgotten the way!”

Long ago Truth was manifested, bearing witness of a place to stand;
A mystery revealed, heaven reached down a mighty helping hand.

The true Light shone in the darkness, and the darkness knew it not.
How great that light! How great the cost! Christ’s death our souls has bought!

Listen! See!

Dandelion Globe With Seeds

© 2013 Jeanne E Webster.  All rights reserved


Paul’s letter to the Galatians was most appropriate in his day and should snug into our literary patronage today. 

Galatians 6:7-8 “Be not deceived; God is not mocked. For whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap. For he that sows to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption. But he that sows to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.”



Can you feel it?

I firmly believe we have way too much time on our hands. Our cups runneth over with cell phone conversations, texting, computer chatting, e-mail, blogs, television programs, video gaming, radio selections, movies, not to mention abuse of sex, drugs, tobacco, alcohol and food.

Frankly, we are an over-stimulated, desensitized society lacking any sense of direction.

We scurry here and there, text intermittingly, sate our e-mail fetishes, squirt off a blog or two, plunge into our “fav” TV shows, drool over revealing bodies smacked into view, battle hand-held game toy monsters, stimulate our sexual appetites, “suck-drag-snort-shoot-up” drugs, gurgle down the booze and feed our faces. No wonder we function poorly at work, lose contact with families, grow fatter, feel yucky and sleep badly, and slowly lose our common sensibilities.

Our parents used to tell us when we had a problem, “Put on your thinking cap.” Are we “thinking” anymore? I think we misplaced the caps somewhere.

Do we have a problem? Yes!

“Help us, Lord! We’ve fallen physically and spiritually…and we can’t get up without your strength and guidance.”


Heavenly Lullabies




Heavenly Lullabies


© 2013 Jeanne E Webster.  All rights reserved


“Happy New Year!” is on its way; it’s knocking at the door.  Are we ready with some tried-and-true resolutions to spruce up the old BODY?   Weight loss, new job, quit smoking, kick the drugs and booze habit, smile more at the world, spend more time with the family, lean harder on the budget, sock more money away each month . . .these objectives will certainly tidy up our persona for a better year ahead. 

What about our spiritual features?  Are they on extended vacation from the divine practices and nourishment our sacred nature requires?   Hopefully not. The world distracts our focus away from godly nutrition, pleading instead to the louder more sensual intonations of our carnal nature.  Instead of developing a deeper faith in our Creator, we find ourselves tossed about, clinging to life on a slippery slope and being slapped by one fear after another.

Everywhere we look there is turmoil, anxiety, fear, tension, and dread.  What are we to do? Is this what life is all about?  To put it succinctly, NO!

Life is relying on the Lord for strength and sustenance in the physical body AND in the spiritual body. 

Jesus warns us to quit worrying about things that hinder our walk in the spirit. As Christians, we have precious encouragement, “Don’t worry about what tomorrow will bring you, for it will take care of itself.” (Matt. 6:34)

What’s He saying here? Do not worry or become over-anxious.  Ok, but why does He say this when all about us are fearful distractions? Are we looking in all the wrong places for help?

He adds:  Matt. 6:33: Don’t worry about what you will eat, what you will drink, or if you will be clothed.  Non-believers worry about those things!   “Seek FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness…and all your needs will be provided to you.”

In summation, Jesus tells us that God is still in charge of our lives; He knows our every need. “For your heavenly Father knows that you have need of these things.” (Matt. 6:32b)

What assurance! What RE-assurance! Our heavenly Father knows. Think about it. God is the creator of all things, even us, and planned the world’s itinerary from its beginning onward. And here we are, worrying about what’s going to happen tomorrow. “O ye of little faith!” (Matt. 6:30)

Phil. 4:6-7 “May I be anxious for nothing, and in all things by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, may I make my needs known to You; and I know that Your peace, which surpasses all understanding, will guard my heart and mind through Jesus Christ.  Amen.”


May the melodious wisdom of our Father saturate and strengthen our hearts and minds as we feast on His bountiful promises.  Let us relearn the heart songs of His Word as heavenly lullabies that trickle into our inner realm, releasing our fears and weaknesses. 

Joy to the world; the Lord has come!  Be refreshed!  Be renewed!  . . . by His peace and joy. 

Alleluia and Amen!


What Happened?

© Jeanne E Webster


What happened to gentility,
The quality of being refined?
(That modest act of civility,
We’ve somehow left behind.)

Morality has hit rock bottom;
Standards have bitten the dust.
Are we on our way to Sodom?
Or is it “Gomorrah or bust”?

Our language is so fouled
With words of depravity,
Best served with clean towels
And a lot less of gravity.

The clothes many women wear
Are pure risqué “in your face”
Men’s rear-ends catch stares
As their pants fall from grace.

Body art exploits the skin
With tattoos, jewelry and cuts
Gothic vogue is definitely in;
Spirited shapes jauntily strut.

Don’t you miss the days of yore
When kids were girls and boys,
Untouched by porn and bloody gore
Or used as sick adult toys?

We’re seeing the destruction
Of the family building core.
T’is time we took our instruction
From the family “Bible” store.

We’ve gone so far off course
Is there no turning back?
Are there stirrings of remorse?
Things are really out of whack!

Pray, come clean and repent:
Some worthy places to start.
Let’s begin with one sentence:
Oh Lord, come into our hearts!