The “Eyes” Have It


The “Eyes” Have It

©  Jeanne E. Webster


Have you missed opportunities to present Christ to others?  I have and their names are forever etched upon my heart.

I’ll share with you a most difficult time I had projecting my Christian witness.   Shortly after I sold my house, I moved into a small apartment.  Pets were not allowed so I had to sell Jake, my cockatiel.  Advertising in the local paper brought only one phone inquiry.  The prospective buyer stopped by my home to inspect Jake, sharing a lot about his life as he petted Jake.  My heart became troubled at first by his revelations and soon turned to revulsion when I learned more details of his deviant, immoral lifestyle.  I became so perplexed and distraught over selling Jake to this person that I prayed he would not want to buy him.  Alas, he did, and what could I do except close the deal.

After Jake and the man left, I came to my senses as the message was hammered home in my heart:  You missed another one, Jeanne!  However, I did have some consolation.  I had begun to teach Jake to talk, and the only words he could say were “Praise the Lord!” Yes, I missed the opportunity, but Jake will be repeating that phrase until the day he dies.  Praise the Lord! 

Back to “seeing Jesus” in our fellow-man, I struggle at times to see Jesus in members of my family and close friends.   Does familiarity breed contempt?  Does familiarity blind us from seeing their needs? 

We present a softer heart towards strangers, as judgment does not surface to the forefront.  The prejudices are not at work; it’s as if the slate is wiped clean and charity comes forth swiftly and easily.  The contact is usually a one-time encounter…charity given, and life goes on to the next encounter. 

However, family members and friends we interact with daily or frequently are a different matter.  We know all their foibles, we’ve been around the bend with them, misunderstandings are rife, and it takes all we can muster in the spirit to see Jesus in them.  It is a very humbling experience, to say the least.  The monster within is still lurking inside the body, waiting to be let loose on their poor souls. 

Thanks to Almighty God, His strength is greater than our weaknesses, and charity reigns eternal.  After one of these experiences, one becomes stronger and wiser in their faith and of a much humbler spirit.

About Me

Jeanne @ 70

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Born in mountainous central Massachusetts of blue-blood ancestry, I grew up under the low-end middle class umbrella, where you didn’t starve to death but ate gobs of peanut butter sandwiches and wore lots of hand-me-down clothes.  I joined the Army early on as an Army brat , moved almost every three years and ended up graduating from high school from an American high school in Germany.  My early adulthood was spent as a soldier’s spouse and mother of four healthy, beautiful children.  The marriage dissolved after eight years of service amid severe conflicts that emanated from my spouse’s Vietnam deployment.

I’ve worked as a nurse’s aide, certified medical tech, veterinarian assistant, Home Health Care assistant, and freelance writer.  I’ve had my share of ups-and-downs, marital flops, severe domestic abuse, and growing up finally at the age of 59.  Melons mellow out after a while, and I must say I have also.  I’m 70 now, happily married and growing older kickin’ and screamin’ all the way!

I learned  to write my name in kindergarten with that old song, “My name is Jeanne Webster…” and  have been writing non-stop ever since.  Non-fiction is my first love but lately I have ventured into the fiction domain.  As you can see from my offerings here, I love prose also.  Curiosity draws me into new territories and techniques, as I believe challenges are excellent stimulants for the spirit.

My third “I” is that I am a Christian and take my faith in Jesus Christ most seriously.  He is the focus of all my endeavors and the reason I am who I am.  My trust in Him is absolute, having learned early on that people will fail you.  He won’t, never has,  and never will.   I have studied many a doctrine, been a member of numerous denominations  (from Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, and back to Catholic.)  Presently I do not hold membership in any church.  I feel there are too many man-made doctrines infused into the church’s religion and therefore I present myself to Christ alone.  Christianity is not a religion but a way of life.  Praise the Lord!  Shalom

~ Jeanne E. Webster