The Seasons and I

© Jeanne E Webster All rights reserved


Gentle rains sprinkled their drops
Upon your seeds of infancy;
You burst forth in innocent rapture
Richly adorned with velvet greens.

Warm rays of sunshine soothed your bosom;
You sparkled with bright colorful displays.
Mature and strong were your gestures,
Fulfilling your designated plan.

Rustling in with cool, dry breezes
Autumn interrupted your attempt at glory,
Fading away your majestic beauty,
Leaving you stooped, wrinkled and grey.

Abruptly entered cold, harsh winter,
Drawing to a close the role you played,
Blanketing you in pure, white finery

Such are the seasons and I.

Come Fly with Me


copyright 2012 Jeanne E Webster-All rights reserved


“The falling leaves drift by the window,
the autumn leaves of red and gold,”

a tune sung by Frank Sinatra, put me in the mood for autumn ponderings.


Sharing with you as the thoughts fly by:


Flaming papery shards burnt to a scratchy crisp–

Floating kaleidoscopes of yellows, oranges and reds–

Flying vibrant pieces of parchment gravitating earthward–

Flippant shreds of tree embellishments settling to the ground–

Free-falling wax papery scraps rehearsing their aerobatics–

Fluttering colorful debris delighting in merry-go-round rides–

Fragile remnants intermingling, forming loosely knit piles–

Fragments of mighty oaks forced into the atmosphere and back–

Fractured leftovers from past sun-filled summer days–

Frolicking foliage dancing wildly in tiny wisps of wind–

Frivolous flecks of decaying verdure appearing here and there–

Fidgeting scrappy leathery rags scurrying across the road–

Falling shapes flip-flopping as they twirl down, down to the ground–

Fiery shapely bits, as ashes from a flame,

Filling the dusty atmosphere with musty sweet aromas,

Flattening horizons of hills, rills and potholes,

Freeing the once green giants from their thick outer coats, and

Flitting pieces of spent adornments returning to the dust.

Aah . . .Tumn

Fall Leaves on Branch

©2013 Jeanne E Webster.  All rights reserved


Hot arid airs

Fill autumn days

Stifllin’ up senses

Stuffin’ up noses.


Cicadas buzz electric

Gnats whirl swirls

Skunk skits skulk

Midnight closes.


Spiders spin maze

Doilies atop grasses

Hornets stick nests

Split eaves affix.


Pine cones sprout

Squirrels scout out

Butterflies flit fit

Dip, flip their kix.


Coon-littered roads

Bug-smeared cars

Bloated dead bodies

Life long gone.


Trees scale leaves

Prelude music cue

Winter trumps flat

Life’s like that!






Dancing with Spiders

Remember this tune?  A favorite of mine. 


“If you go out in the woods today
You’re sure of a big surprise.
If you go out in the woods today
You’d better go in disguise.

“For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain, because
Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic.”


Presenting a spin on this…


Dancing with Spiders

(Sing to The Teddy Bear Picnic tune)

©Jeanne E Webster


If you stay up tonight, tonight

You’re sure of a big display

Better watch out tonight, tonight

You’re in for a disarray.


For every spider that ever was

Will creep and crawl about

Underneath the couch and bed

They’ll play and dance and shout


Creepy crawly out they come

Scuffling on teeny tiny feet

Dashing here and there

They are so ready to eat!


Going to get ya, yes siree

Hunting you far and near

Black or brown, bitey bite

These you betta fear!


Ready now?  Here they come

By ones and  twos and threes

Watch your feet, arms and legs

They sting like swarming bees.


Ooops, the sun begins to rise

They suddenly disappear

Tummies full, all tired out

A new day is finally here.



If you stay up tonight, tonight

You’re sure of a big display

Better watch out tonight, tonight

You might want to run away!


[Written after noting the indoor arrival of neighborhood spiders due to approaching fall weather] 






©  Jeanne E. Webster



Gentle rains sprinkled their drops

Upon your seeds of infancy.

You burst forth in perfect rapture

Richly garnished with velvet greens.


Rays of sun soothed your bosom;

You glistened with vibrant displays.

Mature and strong were your gestures,

Justifying your chosen plan.


Rustling in with cool dry breezes

Autumn disturbed your finest glory,

Fading away your majestic beauty,

Leaving you aged, crinkly and grey.


Abruptly entered cold harsh winter

Embellishing the role you played.

Swathing you in pure white finery

For services rendered…


Such are the seasons and I.