Ain’t We Got Fun!

Wittiest Headlines of 1999

And the Beat Goes On…


  1. Include Your Children When Baking Cookies
  2. Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers
  3.  Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over
  4.  Plane Too Close to Ground, Crash Probe Told
  5.  Miners Refuse to Work After Death
  6.  Stolen Painting Found by Tree
  7.  Two Sisters Reunited After 18 Years in Checkout Counter
  8.  War Dims Hope for Peace
  9.  If Strike Isn’t Settled Quickly, It May Last a While
  10.  Man Struck by Lightning Faces Battery Charge
  11.  Kids Make Nutritious Snacks
  12.  Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half
  13.  Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead


It appears that news never changes.  The printed word continues to confuse rather than educate.  Better yet, perhaps the printed word is merely humor for the day?!  Smile…have a nice day.





A Rang Ma

(An anagrammed poem using chiefly the letters in my name, bold, CAPITALIZED and italicized.)















 NaPoWriMo    Day 25


© 2013 by Jeanne E Webster. All rights reserved

Just a Whimsy


© 2013 Jeanne E Webster.   All rights reserved


The forest boasts a hefty hart;

It has a robust spirited heart.

I love crusty whole wheat bread.

The kitty cats have briefly bred.

She bought a new fireplace grate;

It shines and really looks so great.

My heart always skips a beat

Whenever I eat a bright red beet.

This blog is such an amusing site;

Eyes twitch and twitter at the sight.

Do you need some willow wood?

I’d cut some for you, yes, I would.

I love traveling this scenic road;

Upon it once a horse I rode.

The slate roof has a very bad leak;

The weedy garden grew a tall leek.

Through the grimy window I peek;

The hiker scaled a mountain peak.

The train teased the outer rail;

My lung is snorting a brassy rale.

This pen is priced on one big sale;

The boat is close to setting sail.

The foul monkey has a long tail;

The devious liar has a long tale.


NaPoWriMo  Day 12


A little whimsy!





Friday Morning-Coming Down

© Jeanne E Webster


Enjoying a swing on the patio

Sitting in our little “Rose Garden”

Looking at that pale blue sky

Rain’s a no-show, I’ll pardon


Blurred with white chalky scrapes

Overhead is a see-through image

Last night’s leftover half-moon

Must ’a lost the rest in scrimmage


Hummingbirds all a’ squeak

A winged rush hour traffic jam

Zooming like mad robotic bees

Deftly loving the ambrosial jamb


Gum trees shake off their sleep

Casting shade all over the hills

Cicada males not yet awake

Dreaming of their mating shrills


Melodious call of an oriole male

Not yet sipping of my nectar

Crepe myrtle in fuchsia regalia

Rose petals, the sun rays detector


A blue jay is squaring off afar

Probably out protecting his mate

Neighborhood roosters a’ crowing

Pleased that the night did vacate


A dull thumping of railroad cars

Mulishly moving down the tracks

Loaded with sooty coal, I guess

Heading up north, a’ clickity-clack


A hummer just flew past my nose

Stopped on a dime then returned

Saw my bright red shirt, I reckon

Inching closer, drooled and yearned


Ready to propel even closer now

Till I uttered, “I don’t think so!”

Off it flew with a squeak and snip,

In a blaze of its slinky chapeau


Bathed my two Cavalier Spaniels

Got my front end as wet as they

But I can’t run around the yard

And shake off and loudly bray


Certainly I knew I had better not

What would the neighbors think?

An old lady romping with dogs

Surely needs to visit a shrink


But when those baths are done

Oh, to become a little girl again

I’d chase my tail and play dog

Bark and run after the mailmen


I’d dance the day away… maybe

But I’m afraid this tired ole body

Would give out fast and furious

Put me to bed with a hot toddy


My knees would grate and grit

My hips would start to grumble

The hard ground would beckon

And I’d surely take a tumble


But jes’ for the tiniest moment

I would be all tickled and pink

For I’d soon be soaring home

In just about forty odd winks!

Whatever Happened to Reading?

©Jeanne E. Webster


I read a newspaper article last weekend that stated the U. S. is experiencing one of the lowest literacy rates in the developed world.  Since reading is the most important skill children need to master, where is the oversight committee on this one?  The National Report Card reports that we are in a literacy crisis, with 68% of fourth graders and 69% of eighth graders tested below their grade levels in reading.  Not good.  I wonder if part of the cause is the fact our children are confronted with so many visual contraptions that need only the click of a button on an icon and off they go into Virtual Wonderland. 


 No matter; the article points out ways to improve their proficiency. 

  • Show children that words are made up of individual sounds blending together into words.  Then practice blending these sounds to form words.
  • Teach them all the sounds different letters have.
  • Make reading fun.
  • Cover pictures in reading books to make it easier to focus on the words.
  • Find answers to their questions so students can learn how English works.


For more answers to questions about reading English, visit   


(This article has prompted me to get more involved in tutoring illiterate children and/or adults.  Illiteracy is a huge handicap and grows disadvantaged persons.  How about a hand up for these people?)