How Green was My Valley


 © 2014 Jeanne E Webster. All rights reserved and observed


Oh, Lord

Nestled among the Mohawk trails:

My soul absorbed mountain airs

Tickling ancient senses

As I peer heavenward

Releasing my spirituality.



My youth basked in its adventures:

Sour grass, 4-leaf clovers

Long-reeded grass jungles

Dandelion necklaces and such

Wide-leafed whistles.



Memories hang:

In cloudy closets of my mind

Popping into view to

Bolster my aging body

Oh, Lord, how green was my valley!

Picking grass from my toenails…

©Jeanne E. Webster

So…how’s everyone been? 


I’ve been diligently mowing our prairie (front & back yards), decreasing the height of weeds, tidying up the garden, spewing Off all over my clothes, drenching my clothes and body with sun block, ecstatic to see the hoppy toads hard at work gobbling up those bugs, delighted to run across (not over!) more snakes than usual here in southern Illinois, disgruntled to stumble over foot high mole hills, and lastly, out of sorts for not having enough time to write a decent article for my blog.   

News:  my husband’s health has improved; we have met with more medical specialists this past month than throughout our entire lifetimes.  That’s the price we pay for getting older!  Now…we get to become members of Obama’s health care plan?  Now we really are excited!  Can hardly stand it…

 So…how’s everyone been?   🙂