Tsunami foam at Bondi Icebergs outside Sydney

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©Jeanne E. Webster


The waters overpower us

With ruinous waves so high;

We cling tightly to each other

As lifeless bodies float on by.


“Mama! Mama! Help me!”

My little one cries out;

My strength is waning fast

Numbing pain releasing doubt.


Up and down, back and forth

The waves shake us like dolls;

We spit out water to take in air

As the tide our spirit mauls.


My eyes are stuck wide open

My fingers glued to her coat;

She no longer screams “Mama!”

Utter silence swathes her throat.



Prayers of anguish gurgle forth

Amidst the roaring sea spray;

“Oh, my God!” “Help me, Lord!”

Become epithets spoken today.


Menial things matter not anymore

Squabbles are quickly laid aside;

Many to-do’s or forgotten sins

Are swigs for the ravenous tide.


There’s lots of dying, Dear one,

Enough to sate death’s thirst;

Life is clinging to another breath

Til you think you’ll surely burst.


Is this the true “Amen” corner

When all of life is predated?

When the Almighty speaks His word

And reclaims what He’s created?


So be it… from dawn to setting sun;

Life and death speak with one voice:

So be it…Lord Jesus, please come!


[written on the fourth day after the massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami devastates Japan’s people.]