Why All the Hurtin’?

© Jeanne E Webster. All rights reserved

A friend of mine just called to say
That her dear mama died.
I heard her words of sorrow, Lord,
And hung my head and cried:

Lord, why all the hurtin’?
Lord, why all the hurtin’?
So much in life is painful, Lord,
so hear my prayer tonight.
I know your angels took her mom
Home to be with you;
My friend is lost and weary, Lord,
She needs to know this too.
This friend of mine, so full of love,
She just shines, she just shines…
So help her through this bad time, Lord,
For she’s a friend of mine.
I love this friend so very much,
It hurts me so I cry.
I lie awake alone at night,
Just wond’ring, wond’ring why:

Lord, why all the hurtin’?
Lord, please stop the hurtin’?
So much in life is painful, Lord,
Please hear my prayer tonight.


(A song I wrote shortly after a friend called to say her mother had died. I have written the score for it also.)

Rose Garden Antics


© Jeanne E Webster—All Rights Reserved

Rose Garden Antics


Enjoying a swing on the patio

Sitting in our little “Rose Garden”

Looking at that pale blue sky

Rain’s gone now, I’ll pardon


Blurred with white chalky scrapes

Overhead is a see-through image

Last night’s leftover half-moon

Must ‘a lost the rest in scrimmage


Hummingbirds all a’ squeak

A winged rush hour traffic jam

Zooming like mad robotic bees

Deftly loving the ambrosial jamb


Gum trees shake off their sleep

Casting shade all over the hills

Cicada males not yet awake

Dreaming of their mating skills


Melodious call of an oriole male

Not yet sipping of the nectar

Crepe myrtle in fuchsia regalia

Rose petals, the sun rays detector


A blue jay is squaring off afar

Probably out protecting his mate

Neighborhood roosters a’ crowing

Pleased that the showers did vacate


Dull thumping railroad cars

Mulishly moving down the tracks

Loaded with sooty coal, I guess

Heading up north, a’ clickity-clack


A hummer just flew past my nose

Stopped on a dime then returned

Saw my bright red shirt, I reckon

Inching closer, drooled and yearned


Ready to propel even closer now

Till I uttered, “I don’t think so!”

Off it flew with a squeak and snip,

In a blaze of its slinky chapeau


Bathed my two Cavalier Spaniels

Got my front end as wet as they

But I can’t run around the yard

And shake off and loudly bray


Certainly I knew I had better not

What would the neighbors think?

An old lady romping with dogs

Surely needs to visit a shrink


But when those baths are done

Oh, to become a little girl again

I’d chase my tail and play dog

Bark and run after the mailmen


I’d dance the day away… maybe

But I’m afraid this tired ole body

Would give out fast and furious

Put me to bed with a hot toddy


My knees would grate and grit

My hips would start to grumble

The hard ground would beckon

And I’d surely take a tumble


But jes’ for the tiniest moment

I would be all tickled and pink

For I’d soon be soaring home

In just about forty odd winks!


Bottled Thoughts

©Jeanne E Webster – All rights reserved


Time in a Bottle ~by Jim Croce

If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that I’d like to do
Is to save every day ’til eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you.

If I could make days last forever
If words could make wishes come true
I’d save every day like a treasure and then
Again, I would spend them with you

But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do once you find them
I’ve looked around enough to know
That you’re the one I want to go through time with.


What is TIME? It’s a noun; it’s a verb. It’s an object; it’s usable.

You can’t exist without it; it’s there whether you want it or not.

You can spend it; you can waste it. You can ignore it.

But it is there all the time.


TIME is abstract, immaterial; a concept.

A clock can keep it; it can run out; it once stood still.

It has an end; it can tell; it only knows.

But you can’t hold it in your hands;

You can’t really buy more.

You can belong to it

You can’t give it away

It ends when the clock runs out

Tick tock, tick tock …they all fall down.


TIME was made for humankind by God.

How else could humanity measure life and works?

God created heaven and earth and all that was in them.

After the fall in the Garden of Eden, God imparted a theory

Upon humanity; it was called time. A time for hope, a time for love…

In other words, He clocked us; perhaps to enable us to see reality?

Appreciate life more? Make better choices with the time we have?


He gave us a concept…we didn’t grasp the Garden of Eden.

We abused it and walked naked, without thought or care.

We chose to go our own way, envision our own thoughts,

Believe our own creed, live as our own gods.

So he put a governor upon us, to ever remind us of our beginning.


TIME is a concept to show us the way back to God.

God is eternal. We are eternal also but sin split us in two.

That’s when TIME began for us to work our way back home.

Physical death is our end of TIME; we rejoin eternity with God.

One in the Father, by the Father, and with the Father.

At His designated moment, time will be no more.

All creation awaits that moment. It moans and groans as we do.

We’ve wandered far too long as self-willed creatures.

It’s TIME to go home!


[Wandering thoughts about TIME. These are thoughts only!]

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

©Jeanne E Webster All rights reserved


“The self-seeking soul is a robber, for he steals from God that which belongs to Him and takes for himself that which belongs to others. Not only does self-seeking carry on its devilish work out in the world but also in the gatherings of religious people, in the house of the righteous, even in the hearts of those who desire to follow the unselfish Jesus. It is self-seeking when one desires to appear more pious than others, to pray more beautifully than others, when one always wants to have the advantage for oneself. But the scriptures say, “Cursed be the deceiver.”  Malachi 1:14 K.J.V.   ~G. Steinberger from Footprints


After reading and deeply gleaning from old Malachi, I must admit I have been and still am at times, A DECEIVER! Meditate on Malachi 1:6-14 and see what you find within your spirit. Are you a deceiver? Think about that.

You’d think I would have gotten over my self by now, being a Christian for over half a century. Are you over your self now, my Christian friend? Let me warn you; it’s all too easy to answer, “Yes.”

I ploughed through my motive file and polished it up with all the honesty I could muster… and saw the real ME. I was shocked and ashamed, for SELF had deceived me. My motives were the clear indicators, the defining marks. I realize I need some soul therapy, some deep-down soul cleansing. Like that old song, “I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair…” Well, I’m gonna wash that self right outta my soul.

Oops, wrong again. I can’t rid my spirit of selfishness, but I know who can: Jesus Christ, my Lord and King. There’s a tiny bit of selfishness in this article I’m writing right now. I know it. I feel it. I have no need to boast, except in the Lord Jesus. In Him I will live and breathe throughout all eternity.


(photo from Hackernoon.com)

But I Could Catch the Biggest Bull Frogs

© Jeanne E Webster All rights reserved

Thank you, Lord, for Mom and Dad,
My angelic grandma I loved so.
Abundant sustenance all my life,
Safe environments in which to grow.

I respected my brothers and sisters,
Though we fought like cats and dogs.
We played and wrestled and got dirty
…I could catch the biggest bull frogs.

You gave me a sound body and mind;
I learned well to read and write.
Mostly I behaved quite proper;
A few wrongs but tried to do right.

Summer time we got rounded up
One year for that Bible school;
Met this gentle young man, Jesus,
Who taught me the Golden Rule.

He’s led me down life’s pathway,
Soothed my heart and hell-bound soul.
Cleaned me up one side and another;
Dug me out of that dark, deep hole.

The loving heart you gave me, Lord,
I used for lost sisters and brothers
That forgiving spirit was harder to bear;
But you said we should love one another.

Oh, the wisdom in that there Bible,
The tools for us to use in our lives.
I’m finding new ones most every day,
‘especially joys from just being alive.

A thankful heart and loving spirit
Is my offering, Lord, back to you.
Reflecting a happier way of life,
And a heart that’s tried and so true.




© Jeanne E. Webster–All Rights Reserved


“Write sum’fing purty,” the good Lawd said,

“’nuff glum and gloom out dere a’ready.”

So I plopped on my tinkin’ hat…reflectin’

So hard I got tired and went to beddy.


Let’s see now, Springtime is here,

Dere’s lots a’ purty colorful shrubs

Forsythia, lilacs ‘n redbuds so pink

Colorin’ the yards like pinwheel hubs.


Yards are full of purty dashing birds

All decked out in nature’s bright hues.

Courtin’ one another, startin’ families

Dey got no time fer chasin’ da blues.


Red-breasted robins, how stout they be

A’building nests and gobblin’ up worms;

Thru weather so cold or floodin’ as seas

Dey fights back like fightin’ some germs.


Look ‘it da lil’ squirrels a’flippin’ der tails

Hurryin’ here an’ dere like hopscotchin’ toys

Dey start–dey stop–den skitter up a tree

Wid a sassy attitude sorta like lil’ boys.


Bluejays do lots of screechin’ ‘n hollerin’

I tink dey jes’ like to boss everything aroun’

Maybe dey’s the neighbo’hood policin’ men

Flittin’ here and dere from trees to da groun’.


I can’t fergit dem purply house finches

Wearin’ dere finest feathers of rosy red

Dey brighten up the feeders so colorfully

As dey peck at the seeds til dey’s well-fed.


Well, Lawd, I did my best to write purty

No dismal tings, no gloom or grumpy glums;

The trees and shrubs declare Your glory

From da sassafras leaves to da purply plums.