The Blood in Bud


The Blood in Bud

© 2011 Jeanne E Webster. All rights reserved and observed.

“It’s spotless; that’s the one!”
Bellowed the most High Priests.
The lamb was lifted to the sun
An offering for the feast.

Bleats and bells choked with dust;
The throng gasping in awe.
Behind the veil, the ransom must
Complete the atonement law.

The Priest sprinkled the blood
Upon the altar of God.
Forgiveness appeared in bud,
Dispersing all sins abroad.

The Son’s blood was shed
Heart and spirit forsaken
A life taken in my stead
My soul did finally waken…

God’s love song fills the air:

“Unto you a Savior is born; a Sacrifice offered so rare.
Holy blood the altar adorns–May your souls be reborn!”