Ready or not, Here Comes Spring!

© Jeanne E Webster.  All rights reserved


Bluish blah-like backgrounds

Droopy dented daisies

Scroungy sodden shrubs

Limp lavender larkspur

Dripping dapple dahlias

Pallid purple pansies

Orange ombre oak leaves

Brownish bearded barley

Pummeled pinkish posies

Yawning yellow yarrow

Ragged ravaged roses

Languished lanky lilies

Rabbits running reckless

Robins ripping red worms

Tawny tiptoed tree toads

Spastic squirrels squiggling

Crayfish chucking chimneys

People paddling puddles

Rainbows reflecting rays

God’s globules of glory

Shining soulful showers.

Purty Writing


© Jeanne E Webster. All rights reserved and observed

“Write sum’fing purty,” da good Lawd said,
Nuff glum and gloom out dere a’ready.”
So I plopped on my tinkin’ hat…reflectin’
So hard I got tired and went to beddy.

Let’s see now, springtime is here,
Dere’s lots a’ purty colorful shrubs
Forsythia, lilacs ‘n redbuds so pink
Colorin’ the yards like pinwheel hubs.

Yards are full of sparkly dashin’ birds
All decked out in nature’s brite hues.
Courtin’ one ‘nother, startin’ families
Dey got no time fer chasin’ da blues.

Red-breasted robins, how stout they be
A’building nests and gobblin’ up worms;
Thru wedder so cold or floodin’ as seas
Dey fights back like fightin’ some germs.

Look ‘it da lil’ squirrels a’flippin’ der tails
Hurryin’ here an’ dere like hopscotchin’ toys
Dey start–dey stop–den skitter up a tree
Wid a sassy attitude sorta like lil’ boys.

Bluejays do lots of screechin’ ‘n hollerin’
I tink dey jes’ like to boss everything aroun’
Maybe dey’s the neighbo’hood policin’ men
Flittin’ here and dere from trees to da groun’.

I can’t fergit dem purply house finches
Wearin’ dere finest feathers of rosy red
Dey brighten up the feeders so color’fly
As dey peck at the seeds til dey’s well-fed.

Well, Lawd, I did my best to write purty today.
No dismal tings, no gloom or grumpy glums;
Da trees and shrubs declare Yer glory
From da sassafras leafs to dem purply plums.

(Where’d You get all those purty colors, Lawd?
Musta plucked ‘em strait from dat glor’ous rainbow!)



Calling All Grammas

1gramma (930x1280)


© Jeanne E Webster. All rights reserved and observed

Slender stature about 5 foot-four
Smiles flashing love to every child
Twinkle in eyes probing each heart
Hands nursing many a child’s hurt
Arms protecting little ones from harm
Vibrant aprons holding treats to eat
Making the finest filled cookies about
Doting time for grandchildren at play
Nurturing interest in outdoor fun
Finding those lucky 4-leaf clovers
Picking lilacs and planting those pansies
Joyfully sharing antique doll collection
Letting grandchildren help with chores
Always dressed prim proper and clean
Truly loved her family and they knew it–
Thank you Lord for such a rich treasure
God’s angel in disguise and homeward bound
Far too early–I still lament her passing.

gramma and my mother and uncle.