Love Letter

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Have you ever had a glum day and couldn’t get out of it? Sure, we all have. One of mine popped up a few days ago and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t put on that happy face and smile at the world. I guess you’d call me a grump! Ok. Well, out of grumpiness comes a good idea…sometimes.

Remember this tune?–

I’m gonna sit right down

And write myself a letter,

And make believe it came from you.

I’m gonna write words oh, so sweet

They’re gonna knock me off of my feet,

A lot of kisses on the bottom,

I’ll be glad I got ‘em.

I’m gonna smile and say,

“I hope you’re feeling better,”

And close with love, the way you do.

I’m gonna sit right down

And write myself a letter,

And make believe it came from you.

~Fats Waller


Well, I wrote myself a letter…and told myself all my troubles, my aches and pains, my hopes and dreams, and whatever else was on my heart. And then I e-mailed it…to myself.

Next I wrote myself another letter…this one was from Jesus. “He” reminded me of who I was and how I was supposed to be living. “He” told me again of those wonderful words of life, and the promises he had made to every believer. He knows every heartache, every teardrop, every single burden ever suffered by the human race. And you know what? Peace began to flow like a river and the heaviness of the day was lifted like the dust filled mist on a cool fall morning.

He signed the letter, “Love, Jesus.”

How could I be glum after all that?!

You see, the exercise released the toxic potion within me, and Jesus threw it into the farthest sea. He is the Healer of mankind and can mend all your broken dreams and days. Partake of your daily supplements; they’re written in the Bible. The Holy Spirit will show you the way. Swallow your pride along with the supplements and you’ll heal much faster.

Maybe you will want to write a letter…

Just a Hill

John 15:12-13 “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.   Greater love has no man than this . . . that a man lay down his life for his friends.”





© Jeanne E Webster.  All rights reserved


“Lord, give me eyes that I may see, lest I as people will,

Should pass someone’s Calvary and think it just a hill.”



“He what?  He committed suicide?  Oh NO!  Why didn’t he say something?  I would have been there for him.”   

This was a true story played out last week in the life and death of a famous retired baseball player, supposedly happy with his job as announcer for a major league baseball team.  Interviews with scores of friends and admirers all related that they knew nothing of his problems.  Reality showed they had been blind to his financial troubles.

It wasn’t a hill he faced; it was his cavalry.  His body was found in his back yard; he had shot himself in the head…and died.  Oh God…!


Oh Lord, we are so busy these days, running here and there, feathering our nests, getting a leg up, or just plain living for the gusto of life.  We are blind to the red flags popping up around our friends: the panicky stares, the desperate inflections in their voices, the surety in their steps now wavering down the path.  We gave them fly-away thoughts.  That’s all.

If only, Lord…if only we would linger long enough in the lives of others, so they would feel comfortable sharing their troubles.  Give us eyes to see their needs, ears to hear their cries of desperation, and mouths to speak words of relief and peace.    In today’s fast paced society, Father, the world’s all like one big blur…zoom, zoom, zoom.  Use us for your purposes, Lord.  Open our eyes so we may distinguish between a hill and a calvary.    A friend’s life may depend on it.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.